Guangzhou Anda Electronic stage Lighting Equipment Factory main products sky beam light, moving lights, computer scanning lights, mechanical effects of light, strobe light, DMX512 | | control units, outdoor searchlight and other "AnDa" brand, enjoys a certain reputation in the industry. Its high quality products, and regulated market operations, good service, good faith for the purpose, resulting in the dealer and user and peer consensus, after years of development, companies have been expanding, with many well-known brand is OEM co-operation.

      Guangzhou Anda Electronic Lighting Equipment Factory adhering to the professional, efficient and rigorous treatment industry concept, in order to improve people's spiritual and cultural level, to share more happy to have any, dedicated to research, development, production stage lighting to serve life, to seek aesthetic taste and stage requires a favorable combination of highlighting the product of cultural heritage and artistic taste, the passion for the lighting industry into the technological...

Guangzhou Anda Electronic Lighting Equipment Factory
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